What is the metadata ?

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Metadata is data about data. its describe another items’s content. The metadata often used in the context of webpages. it helps to search engine optimisation (SEO) , Find and Understand the data. see the below image you can understand easily

Example image of metadata

Typical metadata

  1. Title and description,
  2. Tags and categories
  3. Who created and when
  4. Who last modified and when
  5. Who can access or update

Types Of Metadata

  1. Markup Languages  include metadata used for navigation and interoperability. Properties might include heading, name, date, list, and paragraph.
  2. Technical  metadata properties include file types, size, creation date and time, and type of compression. Technical metadata is often used for digital object management and interoperability.
  3. Rights  metadata might include copyright status, rights holder, or license terms.
  4. Descriptive metadata properties include title, subject, genre, author, and creation date, for example.
  5. Preservation metadata is used in navigation. Example preservation metadata properties include an item’s place in a hierarchy or sequence

Some Example of html metadata

<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1">

<meta name="description" content="Site Name">

<meta charset="UTF-8">

<meta name="author" content="Author details">

<meta name="Keywords" content="Site Keywords">

<meta name="refresh" content="20">
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