What is a server? Why is it used? What are the different types of servers?



A server is a computer program that provides services to other computer programs (and their users) in the same or other computers. The computer that a server program runs in is also frequently referred to as a server

uses of server:

Servers are used for a multitude of reasons. For data collection and transmission, for hosting websites and other web client applications such as video games, and streaming

Types of servers:

Traditionally know servers are:

1.FTP Server

File Transfer Protocol (FTP ) is one of the oldest server types. It is responsible for transferring files from server to a computer and vice versa.

2.Proxy Servers

The Proxy server is responsible for a connection between a client(web browser or an app) with and an external server to entertain the request for connection, performance enhancement, and accessibility

3.Online Gaming Server

Gaming server has gained its popularity in a recent decay. This type of server is responsible for connecting hundreds of gamers around the world to an external server(s) for accessing gaming data.

Xbox live is one of the examples for gaming servers.

4.Web servers

The web server is responsible for hosting website files and serve it up through a web browser. It loads an individual file of a web page and loads it to display in the browser as one complete page.

5-Application Servers

Application servers have lion’s share in computer territory between database servers and the end user, where servers are often connected to the two.

6-List Servers

List servers are used to enhance the functionality & management of mailing lists. Whether they are an interactive database that is open to the public or one-way lists that deliver newsletters, announcements or advertising.

7-Chat Servers

This server enables a number of people to share information in the environment of an internet newsgroup that offer real-time discussion capabilities.

8-IRC Servers

Internet Relay Chat is comprised of various independent networks of servers that allow users to connect to each other via an IRC network. It is an option for those who are seeking real-time competence.

9-Fax Servers

Those organizations that want to reduce the incoming and outgoing telephone resources; a fax server is an ideal solution. However, there is a need to fax the actual document.

10-Groupware Servers

It is software that is designed to make the users able to work together, regardless of their location, through the Internet or a corporate Intranet and to work together in a virtual environment.

11-Mail Servers

The mail server just is as important as a web server is. A mail server is to send/receive and store emails on the corporate networks through LANs and WANs and across the internet.

12-Telnet Servers

By the help of it, users log on to a host computer and perform work as if they are working on an isolated computer.

13-News Servers

They work as a source of distribution and delivery for hundreds of available public newsgroups accessible over the USENET news network

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